Bold magazine covers of America for 2007

Bold magazine covers of America for 2007 One of the best magazine covers 2007 version of ASME (American Society of Magazine Editors"), the Association of American publishers magazines. All very nice, very technologically advanced and some places with deep meaning.Source: Brave magazine covers of America for 2007 (photo). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Mikhail Boyarsky wants to bring back the deficit

Mikhail Boyarsky wants to bring back the deficitFamous actor Mikhail Boyarsky before the New year, like everyone else, concerned about the problem of choosing gifts for relatives and friends. According to the artist, it has now become for him a real torment.It turns out, is much more comfortable Mikhail Sergeyevich felt in times of shortage."Here before, when in the shops, no nothing, any gift brought great joy," says the actor. - And now, when everybody is, to surprise with something hard. Therefore, one has to suffer, to choose. However, in the family of boyars came up with a way to facilitate "pre-holiday meal.". . Читать полностью -->

Averbukh was in a serious accident in the centre of Moscow

Averbukh was in a serious accident in the centre of MoscowWorld champion in figure skating, Olympic silver medalist in salt lake city and the producer of the show "Ice age" Ilya Averbukh got into a serious accident.Averbukh always felt confident behind the wheel of your favorite sports Saab 9 3 Aero, but still to avoid the accident failed. 34 year old drive a car from 16 years, therefore, as an experienced driver, feels on the road like a fish in water.At night the street is cold, and the road was formed naled. Figure skating star was heading towards the Garden ring. At about midnight he went to Novaya Basmannaya street. It seemed that there was no danger, because the athlete was driving the car very carefully at low speed. But within seconds the car, which was traveling in the opposite direction, jumped into the oncoming lane...The driver of "Lexus RX 330" 23 year old Alex P. Читать полностью -->

Eva Polna struck bronchitis

Eva Polna struck bronchitisEva Polna public until recently had only seen "a most charming and attractive". On health, it is clearly not complained, gave birth to two lovely children.Now, however, all is not so rosy - the singer was battling bronchitis. Polna, apparently, cold, when, after the presentation of the new album was flushed out into the street. Home Eva felt really bad, but took no action. And the next day the temperature of the actress rose to a critical level, I had to call an ambulance. Despite persistent recommendations of doctors to go to the hospital, she preferred to stay at home.The diagnosis she received not the most inspiring: bronchitis with complications on the background of chronic fatigue, diseases of the artists. Читать полностью -->

The stars love of tattoos in unexpected places

The stars love of tattoos in unexpected places Recently in Hollywood it has become fashionable to decorate their star body tattoos. The picture itself, its size, and, most importantly, the site of application depend on the courage and imagination of its owner. Offer a gallery of the brightest stars tattooed.These tatuanui" can be called David Beckham and Tommy Lee. On the body of a football player in addition to the names of the sons and beloved wife Victoria you can see the inscriptions in Hebrew and Hindi. Not lagging behind male colleagues of sexual Angelina Jolie, not once admitting to love tattoos and gives all my 13 tattoos deep meaning. The last tattoo-acquisition Angelina - digits with letters indicating the exact geographical coordinates of the birthplaces of four children Angelina: Cambodia, Ethiopia, Namibia and Vietnam.Other stars more wary of tattoos, but nevertheless make them, and then be happy to demonstrate. Читать полностью -->

Designer Paris Hilton raped 27 models

Designer Paris Hilton raped 27 modelsAmerican designer of Indian descent, Anand Jon Alexander, who was arrested in the spring, is accused of raping a 27 models. Among the clients of Alexander was the infamous star Paris Hilton.With accusations against the arrested in the spring of 2007, the designer was made by the NYPD, reports The Indian Express. In addition to its previous 18 counts of rape in Los Angeles Alexander is accused of sexual offences against 9 women on the East coast of the USA.The California court set bail at 2.1 million dollars for the release of Alexander, however, the district attorney of new York insists on leaving the accused in custody in any case.Formally charged under the new episodes of the designer are not yet filed, said his lawyers. Alexander himself denies his involvement in the crimes.In September the district court of Los Angeles sued the designer charges 54 offences and 5 violations. December 6, Alexander will stand trial in California, according to Reuters.Recall that, according to previous statements of the victims, Alexander allegedly committed several rapes between October 2004 and March 5, 2007. He is also charged with forced oral sex and indecent assault against children. Читать полностью -->

Kirkorov has written off in stocki Housewives

Kirkorov has written off in stocki HousewivesFilipp Kirkorov and Anastasia Stotskaya has long been virtually working together. But the rumors about their romance still concern to the public. Artists have often talked about their relationships, but people continue to ask Philip and Anastasia the same questions.The other day Kirkorov communicated with their fans and re-told the whole truth about his relationship with Nastya, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". However, this truth every time acquires different shades. So, now Philip speaks about Anastasia with sadness."With regard to novel with Anastasia Stotskaya, you can call it "service failed flirt", - otkrovennichat Philip. - Anastasia is a very talented man, but the scene is a big sacrifice. Читать полностью -->

Oksana Pushkina lays the necessary operation

Oksana Pushkina lays the necessary operationWell-known TV presenter Oksana Pushkin is not the first to suffer from the consequences of unsuccessful plastic surgery. It's so serious that without surgery Pushkina not do."Without the surgery, I unfortunately can not do, - says Oksana. - We are talking about the destruction of not only confusing content in my nasolabial folds, but also a considerable part of the tissues, where penetrated this drug".When the television presenter will be on the operating table, is unknown. The fact that the trial ruined her face Pushkina doctor is not finished yet."To be operated unrealistic: at any moment I may need to clarify the facts of the case," says the TV presenter.The main goal Oksana is unfair to force the doctor to abandon my profession, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets. "As far as I know, she continues to work, - said Pushkin. But I will try to do everything to deprive her of the title " doctor!". Читать полностью -->

Fat ditto recognized as the best model of England

Fat ditto recognized as the best model of England Famous rock singer, lead singer of Gossip, presented on the stage of the albert Hall toilets famous designer Christopher Kane. The fashion show was part of the Fashion Rocks show.Beth ditto once again added fuel to the fire in the already heated debate about the size mannequins and models. After all, the Constitution itself Bette, to put it mildly, shocking.And most recently, Bette took part in a photo shoot for Pop magazine, promoting the image of "real women".Fashion stylist and editor in chief of Pop magazine, Katie Grand, argues that "it is Beth ditto has become a symbol of the fight against modern stereotypes dictating what should be woman of the 21st century...". . . . Читать полностью -->

The Yeltsin family did not approve of `biomorphic monster`

The Yeltsin family did not approve of `biomorphic monster`Tatyana Yumasheva, daughter of the first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin has declared that does not approve of the project of a monument to the late head of state, called "biomorphic black monster".The layout of the monument created by the sculptor Dmitry Karenga, his project won the popular vote, organized by the private Museum of modern art ART4.RU."We would have minded if there was a question about the establishment of this monument anywhere", - quotes RIA Novosti news Agency a letter Yumasheva. She also stressed that the family of Boris Yeltsin has "nothing to do with the selection of layouts, nor to the selection of the winner, nor to the approval of any of the layouts.Dmitry Kawarga explained the idea of the monument as follows: "This monument of destruction and decay, absorption of order chaos, without which it is absolutely not possible a new creation. The name of the ruler decided to record in the memory formation or the collapse of another illusion. Boris Yeltsin has performed his role perfectly.Competition for the monument was held on the initiative ART4.RU. The organizers plan to appeal to the Moscow city authorities with a request to install a monument on Lubyanka square.Boris Yeltsin died on April 23, 2007. Source: the Yeltsin Family did not approve of "biomorphic monster"". Читать полностью -->

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