Shining suits Valery Leontiev

Shining suits Valery LeontievThe new year each time turns into a never-ending feast: the stars put on their best clothes and try to appear before the viewers in all its glory.But Valery Leontiev this year succeeded more than others, and managed to stand out even against the background of colorful festive costumes of other colleagues. According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", V. L. the set of "Old songs about the main thing" was about dressed like shining the bat. As it turned out, amazing costume with wings, decorated with bright flashing lights, Leontiev invented specially for the song "Margarita".And for the "New songs about the main thing" the singer had prepared another spectacular costume. Their new hit "Kriminal-tango" Leontiev sang in a black coat, shaded scarlet scarf. On his feet he was wearing red shoes. Their viewers immediately dubbed "fire boots".Inspired by Leontiev, Sofia Rotaru also tried to decorate your jacket with something flashing. However, this outfit singer heavily filled.Irina Allegrova """New songs..." ran backstage in tights, begged her not to shoot and explained: "I simply in the toilet...".

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