Sergey Zhukov has tied the knot

Sergey Zhukov has tied the knotSergey Zhukov and the soloist of the band "Cream" Regina Burd secret from colleagues tied the knot.Chamber, but very colorful ceremony was held in one of the estates and was more like a costume drama than a wedding. Celebration, invented in the 19th century, has become a surprise not only for guests but also for the bride.The proposal to his beloved, he made shortly before the wedding. Young beauty took to think about it for a few days, agreed. First love got engaged (silver rings for future spouses were made to order by one of the best masters), and on New year's eve has formalized relations. Sergey and Regina really wanted to make a real feast, and not feast, so it was decided to invite only the closest friends and relatives - just about 20 people.In the morning the bride and groom arrived at the registry office in sportswear, t-shirts for both the inscription flaunted: Game over (in a sense, the end of free life). And after dinner, dressed in ceremonial outfits, they came to the farm, the newspaper "Your day".From what I have seen the spectacle of a young wife gasped: friends and relatives appeared in the images of famous people of the 19th century, and it was furnished in the style of noble estates. The holiday scenario did Sergei himself. Musician, as a great storyteller and a lover of costume parties, own wedding and wanted to turn into an unforgettable event. And he did it! Celebrations with the Gypsies and their teams of horses lasted until morning. The couple treated the guests with dishes of traditional Russian cuisine and drink vodka.Honeymoon the happy couple were held in Thailand, from where he returned only yesterday.Sergey and Regina met in the summer of 2006 on tour in Armenia. Musician, was already desperate to find true love, without memory fell in love with a beautiful woman with enormous eyes. The singer beautifully cared for the girl, and she couldn't resist him. After a year the lovers married.Recall that this is the second marriage of the famous musician. First time Sergei was married shortly after his songs became popular throughout the country. From his first marriage he has a daughter. Source: Sergei Zhukov tied the knot.

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