Hollywood stars find love trial

Hollywood stars find love trial At the end of the year "Hollywood passions raging not only in the movies. About the personal lives of actors, singers, other celebrities and her blonde filling tells ABC News.Did not finish the trial in a divorce with his ex-wife Heather mills, former "beatle" Paul McCartney had a ball: reporters "caught" musician giving a farewell kiss his new girlfriend, the new Yorker Nancy Shevell. 47-year-old passion McCartney, whom he kissed in the car, is the spouse of a senior officer and holds the position of Vice President in the transportation company.Meanwhile, litigation with mills faces a 65-year-old McCartney loss of $ 100 million of his fortune.Played Betty in the TV series "Baywatch" Pamela Anderson recently married to Rick Solomon. Elect Anderson is most famous for the film which depicted him having sex with a party girl Paris Hilton.Previously spouses Anderson were musicians Tommy Lee and kid Rock. The Magazine Ok! the star said about her wedding that "finally succeeded in all spheres of life". For Solomon it is also the third marriage, and among his former wives is Shannon Doherty.Victoria Beckham recently made the picture hides a fleeting smile, leaning over his face, but even this gesture did not hide her joy about reconciliation with her husband David. Famous Posh ("Posh" from the Spice Girls once again converged with her husband in Los Angeles, immediately after returning from Paris, where fashion Week. Photo was taken on October 16, just at the moment when the happy couple Beckham left a restaurant in Beverly hills (CA).Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz are already in the beginning of his career were partners playing a role in the Spanish tapes. Both became famous after the 1992 film "Love, sex and ham". Then it seemed that they were more than friends, but the actress has fond heartthrob Josh Hartnett. Subsequently, she had a lot of choices, but all the novels turned out to be a passing fad.Now Cruz and Bardem are together again. They continue their creative partnership: the pair has a role in the new woody Allen film "Barcelona" and in the musical "Nine".Keira Knightley's dress in the eighteenth century and that her boyfriend Rupert Friend embrace and kiss passionately in the hope to warm up on the film by Saul Dibb's "the Duchess." The screenplay based on the biography of the aristocratic Enlightenment of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. The beautiful Duchess is the great-great-grandmother Princess Diana and was the Queen of mod.37-year-old actress uma Thurman arrived in London together with her boyfriend, financier-a multimillionaire Arpad Bussana. However, the British tabloids claimed that their relationship has cooled because of the intrigues of Bussana with younger models, but now we see that it is not.With her former partner and owner of the new York of Andre Balsam Thurman broke up in March 2007. The actress has two children from Ethan Hawke: 9-year-old daughter Maya and 5-year-old son Ron. Busson was previously married to model Elle MacPherson.Comedy actor Bradley Cooper claims the role in the new movie "you Just don't like him" and, simultaneously, achieves success on the love front: he managed to ingratiate himself with actress Cameron Diaz. Weekend the couple spent together in new York and even arranged a romantic meal.Two weeks ago in Los Angeles has officially announced his engagement to actress rose McGowan and Director Robert Rodriguez. To go to a new passion the Director has not prevented even his five children from his ex-wife Elizabeth. 34-year-old McGowan, who was previously engaged to Marilyn Manson, met with Rodriguez on the set of his film "planet terror".Apparently, Hilary Duff is serious "crush" on her boyfriend, canadian hockey player Mike Comrie. The actress gave her lover a luxury birthday present: the Mercedes class g Loving couple was recently seen strolling along Fifth Avenue in new York.Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds is also suspect in the novel. At the beginning of the year, the actor met with Johansson on the hits for the new woody Allen film "Barcelona", and in September they captured together in Vancouver, the home town of Reynolds.Australian actor Heath Ledger literally just broke up with Michelle Williams, with whom he has a 2-year-old daughter. But life does not stand still, and now the star of the drama "Brokeback mountain" is a Danish supermodel Helena Christensen.As soon as it became known about an affair Naomi Campbell and Lewis Hamilton, their whirlwind flirtation has spawned many rumors. Looks like a supermodel, behind which a 4-year affair with the Manager of the team Renault's Italian Flavio Briatore, is seriously interested in British racing driver. However, she has something to lose your head, because GQ magazine awarded the Hamilton prize "Person of the year". Their mad flirting strengthened the assumption that Campbell prefers passionate relationship.It seems that after their creative failure on MTV Britney Spears can count on a miracle in a quest to regain his former popularity. In part, this explains why she spends so much time in the company of illusionist Chris angel.Pregnant Nicole Richie looks much more attractive than in the days when her weight was barely over 40 pounds. Together with her partner, musician Joel Madden, she leaves Los Angeles in anticipation of the firstborn.Actress Natalie Portman continues to twist an affair with a former model Nathan Baglam. Recently saw them on a walk in new York, where they attended the Whitney Museum of art, and doing some shopping on Madison Avenue. Bogle is one of the founders of the collection of Rag&Bone.The star of the show "Lonely hearts" Rachel Bilson and played in the film "Factory girl" actor Hayden Christensen is ready for a serious relationship. At least they caught in the moment when they bought in the store paint and tools for arranging joint "nest" in Santa Monica (CA).Not long to wait and the wedding of comedian Jimmy Fallon and producer Nancy Juvonen. They are already engaged and in anticipation of marriage Juvonen working in film, Flower Film, relieves joint tape with drew Barrymore, who starred with Fallon in the Comedy "Baseball fever".Choice actress Halley berry supermodel Gabriel Aubry is preparing to become a father and is everywhere accompanied by his pregnant girlfriend, wherever you set foot her leg.The kings of hip-hop Jay Z and Beyonce announce their readiness to sign, but on the exact date of the event the future husband tells only "someday soon".After parting with musician Pete Doherty, who showed a penchant for drugs, supermodel Kate moss has found a new rocker lead singer of the band The Kills Jamie Hince. They were seen together in London on the way to one of the pubs.Finally, the photographers managed to capture Paris Hilton in the company of actor Adrian Grenier. Whether it's playing to the audience, or tacitly-expressive attitudes are really hiding something, time will tell. Source: Hollywood Stars find love trial (photo).

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