Anita Choi was discharged from the hospital

Anita Choi was discharged from the hospitalSinger Anita Tsoy recently was discharged from the hospital, where she spent two weeks with severe follicular tonsillitis. The singer told the Days.Roux about his illness and about how she spent those two weeks.The ENT Department of the Botkin hospital Anita left with a high temperature. And even though the peak of illnesses has passed, the doctors took the singer honestly to stay in bed. "You will not believe it, but I loved to stay in hospital that I voluntarily didn't want to leave. It would be happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped! The disease forced to go to hospital, but in the end I finally slept properly and even started drawing pictures" - says the singer."I had my friends, my family - and I got a lot of pleasure from communicating with them. When my tour and schedule I have been able to enjoy a peaceful dialogue, to stop in time after the race-work on the show, catch up on sleep and reflect on all that surrounds me? - it was done only in the hospital," says Anita."Idleness in the hospital I started to draw. My friends brought me watercolor, pastel and clay. I'm not an artist and can't say that I draw well, but the fantasy and doing nothing I was bursting! When I started painting, I didn't invent the plot - where led my hand, I drew and painted what paint I wanted to take that and put on a white sheet of paper. Until recently I didn't know how it ends!" - says the singer about his artistic experience.Picture of Anita called "Tropical rain forest". However, her doctor saw a picture of something quite different: "Sinusitis," he said! - Why? I asked. - Here,- he says - are all elements of this disease - colored snot, fungi and viruses." Source: Anita Choi was discharged from the hospital.

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