Kevin motherhood is no money for children

Kevin motherhood is no money for childrenEdition TMZ reports that Federline's lawyer is going at the next court hearing to dispute the amount of money that Britney paid to his former spouse each month.Currently Kevin Motherhood (Kevin Federline) receives about $15,000 a month for child support. Now insatiable ex-husband of Britney wants to increase the amount of the payment. Before Motherhood got $20,000 a month as a mandatory payment after the divorce from Spears, but sweet Kevin's life ended at the beginning of this month. Britney was supposed to pay him that amount until November 2007. Therefore, Federline's lawyer prepares the necessary paperwork to petition the additive to the amount that pays out Britney Spears (Britney Spears) for the maintenance of sons. According to some reports, pop singer earns about $700,000 a month.Meanwhile, in continuation of news of the pregnancy of Britney became known that the father of the child most likely is a longtime friend of Spears, producer Jonathan Rotem (JR Rotem). Rotem some time worked with Spears on her new album. It is also interesting that he helped with the recording of the bad album, the ex-wife Britney, Kevin Federline. His company Beluga Heights is also involved in projects like Rihanna and 50Cent. Source: Kevin motherhood is no money for children.

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