Alsu hides that

Alsu hides thatBegan a series of Christmas lights, stars tirelessly flit from party to party, giving rise to new rumors. In a recent issue of pregnancy Alsu in the ranking of the most discussed competed, perhaps, only with the "pregnancy" of Christina Orbakaite.The latter denied this information. Later her mother, Alla Borisovna Pugacheva, dad said on his program on the radio "Alla": "Christina is not pregnant. As stated, these would be to put his feet. Although if Christina will be pregnant again, I will be very happy and if I'm alive, than I can help in the education of her grandson".Alsu refuses to give any comments: "I do not give on the subject of comments, sorry." Many have noticed that lately the singer wears loose-fitting dresses. At a recent filming of the Christmas lights Muz-TV Alsu came in black leggings, a loose blouse, studded with sequins and black sandals with high heels."I believe that a stage outfit should be different from everyday. I wear jeans, but on stage I love the glamorous style, studs all sorts. My first concert dress was yellow with flowers on it, it still have lying around somewhere," he admitted.From the first concert dresses over time, tastes and requirements Alsou has changed, now simple flowers tailors her to get away."My dream is a dress entirely made of Swarovsky crystals. When I get some solo concerts in Moscow, I'm going to make this kind of dress is required. I think their dresses herself, then according to my sketches, I sew costumes," added the actress. Source: Alsu hides that.

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