Hugh Grant didn't know what having fun with prostitutes

Hugh Grant didn't know what having fun with prostitutesHugh Grant, without knowing it, a few hours spent in the company of prostitutes, reports the News of the World.The actor made among prostitutes and dancers of the Spanish club Habana quite a stir when it recently went there to relax. This place is well known as a local hot spot, where elite prostitutes looking for clients. However, Grant didn't know.First, the actor ordered a drink and watched the strippers. Then he walked over to 35-year-old Brazilian prostitute Alvine Sabino, who was sitting at the table."He was a little drunk and said he wanted to kiss me. I said I can't, because sitting next to my boyfriend. He sat me down on my knees. I stayed with him for an hour. He tried to buy me anything, but because we can't drink," said the priestess of love.Not having anything from Alvina, Grant felt his charm on her friend. He played with her hair, hugged by the waist and whispered something in her ear. Then they were joined by another brunette. Grant held them for a couple of hours and at the end dance with the dark-haired girl. Prostitutes are convinced that poor Grant did not understand what they are doing.According to Alvina, the girls with whom Grant was babbling, too, were prostitutes. "They work as dancers and take 300 dollars to retire with men. They make good money," she said."They were, of course, flattered by the fact that Hugh spent so much time with them, but then we really laughed about it," added Alvin.This funny incident happened two weeks ago near the Spanish Marbella, where the Grant together with friends participated in the Golf tournament. Source: Hugh Grant didn't know what having fun with prostitutes.

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