A true legend of the audition on `American idol`

A true legend of the audition on `American idol`About the casting on one of the most popular reality projects of the country is legendary. Many believe: the guy on the show would never end. However, there are those who believe the opposite. To such people is part and longtime host of "American idol" Yana Churikova."I think such large castings, as in "star Factory", a fairly objective, " says Jan. Simply because subjective. Such a paradox. Because people are recruited, and a specific musical producer for a particular purpose. He may, at one glance, will work with this candidate or not, if you sing before him ten men".Yana Churikova extensive experience in television, so she can explain to beginners many things. "Many are trying to be remembered by the judges of the talents. But pass the audition and attract the attention of the jury is still very different things, " says TV presenter "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - Many times I have witnessed situations where people have managed to attract the attention of the jury - but no more. For example, one young man for the casting of the sixth "American idol" seems to have calculated everything correctly - apparently the morning was spent on a totally freaky make-up, provocatively dressed - a La the band Kiss. Of course, not to notice it. The jury even paid him a lot of attention, compared to all the others, just trying to understand whether there is something behind this external shock value. Apparently, nothing was found - to draft the young man did not hit. At the same time there were, for example, Dan Petrov, Arseny Borodin and Alex Baskets - boys "from the street"."A man gets on a project that is called "on set" qualities, summarizes Yana Churikova. - How many times were at the scene of a handsome, showy woman, all the Commission under the impression, ask her to sing, and she - well, no vocal does not show. Have to part with it. I can advise one thing: not to pretend to be someone more beautiful, intelligent and gifted, and be yourself". Source: the True legend of the casting for "star Factory"".

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