Pugachev refused to sing at the anniversary Rotaru

Pugachev refused to sing at the anniversary RotaruDiva didn't want to sing in Ukrainian famous "Chervona Ruta". The idea of singing together came up with Alla Borisovna and Sofia Mikhailovna during the celebration of the 60 anniversary Rotaru in Yalta.Only then was planned trio with the participation of Larisa Dolina. Later it was decided that Larisa will perform at the concert Rotaru separately. And then "disappeared" and Pugachev...FailureThis weekend Sofia Rotaru in the Kremlin gives the anniversary concerts. To celebrate her coming almost all Russian artists including Alla Pugacheva. However, the latter will only greet Sophia M. - sing a duet with Rotaru she refused...- Alla Borisovna was offered several fresh tracks of Ukrainian authors, specifically written for Sofia Mikhailovna, but they are not impressed hypnotherapy, said "Your DAY" daughter-in-law of the singer Svetlana. And then she told Sonia: "Maybe something from your repertoire?" Rotaru proposed the famous "Chervona Ruta", Pugacheva has already been agreed, but then said that... she can't sing in Ukrainian and so she refuses Duo: "how about I just come over and congratulate you on stage!" May Alla Borisovna and sing a song, but from their repertoire.ArtistsItself Rotaru will sing only the first part of the concert. The second part will consist of songs by Russian artists who would come to congratulate her. Some of them will sing a duet with the singer. For example, the Basques will comply with Rotaru famous "Lavender", and his old hit "Melancolie" singer will perform with his sister Aurica.Other Russian artists will perform hits Rotaru, who themselves have selected from her repertoire. Kristina Orbakaite - "Was", Masha Rasputina - "the Moth", the group "A-Studio - "Caravan of love", Filipp Kirkorov - "Gimme the music"... all will End with a Grand Banquet, which invited all the artists participating in the concert. But as Pugacheva - they Rotaru assigned a personal meeting, as Alla Borisovna wants to interrogate the singer in a radio broadcast In the style of Alla". Source: Pugachev refused to sing at the anniversary Rotaru.

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