Luciano Pavarotti left to his heirs debts of $25 million

Luciano Pavarotti left to his heirs debts of $25 millionThe world-famous Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti is survived by his death on 25 million debt that exceeded the total value of his property. Previously, the state of the artist were estimated at almost 300 million dollars.Approximately $ 15 million of unpaid loans deceased tenor still owes the Bank, and the remaining 10 million he took in the form of loans, according to CBC with reference to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.According to the lawyer of the second wife of singer, Nicoletta Mantovani, no surprises there. "The fact that the Maestro had debts, - for anybody not a secret," said Giorgio Bernini.In the last years of his life Pavarotti gave very few concerts. In addition, he was in the hospital and accounts for the stay there was pretty impressive," said Bernini.According to the will of the singer, which was compiled on July 29, 2007, his wife is entitled to dispose of all property of the singer. Pavarotti was the owner of three properties in the U.S. and is also owned several paintings, including the brush of French artist Henri Matisse. In General, the inheritance Pavarotti is estimated at about $ 20 million.On the contrary, three daughters Luciano Pavarotti from his first marriage had not received the rights to the estate of the singer. Kid get, a Villa in Pesaro on the Adriatic coast of Italy and an apartment in Monte Carlo, which they must share with Mantovani.Financial disorder, in which Pavarotti gave his property to the heirs, made senseless confrontation, which has previously been observed between Mantovani and daughters of the singer from his first marriage.In September, lawyers representing the interests of the heirs Pavarotti, were forced to deny rumours that the tenor changed the contents of the will, since fluctuated in the solution. If so, the final section of the inheritance would occur in the courts, AFP reports.After 35 years of marriage Pavarotti divorced his wife of Yar'adua Verona. In 2003 he married a second time to Mantovani.Initially, it was thought that the artist left a legacy of 40 to 270 million dollars. Died Opera singer September 16, 2007 in his hometown of Modena, aged 71 years. The cause of death was pancreatic cancer. At the funeral tenor was attended by many celebrities, politicians and tens of thousands of grieving fans.Pavarotti was famous for his desire to popularize Opera. He loved to play in the team with the stars of pop and rock music. Source: Luciano Pavarotti left to his heirs debts of $25 million.

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