Famous dad who abandoned their children

Famous dad who abandoned their children Many celebrities do not feel that affection, which sometimes demonstrate to screens. Neither children nor pregnant girlfriend not relieve them from the desire to seek happiness on the side, according to ABC News.Actor Tom Brady left his passion Brigitte Moynahan. The piquancy of the situation is that the couple broke up when the actress was in an interesting position. At least, when in February Moynahan announced her pregnancy, Brady already twisted new intrigue with the model Gisele Bundchen. In August, Moynahan gave birth to a boy, named John.To the disappointment of fans of actor Eddie Murphy in life was not as carefree and cheerful person as on the screen. As tirelessly repeated his ex-girlfriend Melanie brown, Murphy refused to consider himself the father of her child.The confessions disappointed "peppercorns" from the newly revived team Spice Girls, Murphy not only refused to undergo a test to determine paternity, but even didn't call her for weeks after birth. Only two and a half months that have passed since the birth of the little angel, namely on 11 June, the actor succumbed to the insistence of the singer. Apparently, this is not the worst option for Murphy, who in another scenario, would have risked a lawsuit.By the time when Britney Spears "laid eyes" on his, now former, husband, dancer Kevin Federline, he already had a daughter with actress Shar Jackson. Moreover, Jackson was pregnant with my son. But that didn't stop Brit, which slithered Federline on a tour of Europe. While the couple were canoodling on the set of the reality show, starring the once in the movie "Moshe" Jackson survived the seventh month of pregnancy.Somehow producer Steve Bing in 2001 did not experience a rush of joy from the news that his girlfriend and just beautiful Elizabeth Hurley pregnant with his child. Even a positive result of the DNA test did not deter the enraged God knows what the gentleman who dumped Hurley. The Bing with a fortune of $ 400 million, justified that supposedly never had with Hurley a serious relationship. However, he showed a shred of generosity, promising to care for him, since it looks like.Star hip-hop Andre 3000 found love as a singer rhythm and Blues Erika Badu. Now the musician promises takes care of his 10-year-old son, but with his mother he will be together maybe in the next life.Just at the time when the belly of Marie-Louise Parker noticeably rounded, her time-tested boyfriend stand by, flies. got a role in the film "Beauty and English." Rumor has it that this was the cause of sudden rupture. At least seven months pregnant Parker couple broke up, and by, flies. immediately began to meet with his partner in movie - Claire Danes, which had neither the stomach nor the extra 15 years of life.A renowned musician, lead singer of The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger until 1999 remained an exemplary family man, having six children. But on the seventh offspring of "rolling" is tripped. He was pregnant not a legitimate wife, and Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez Morad.Larry Birkhead also some time was in the camp of the fathers who abandoned their children, but as it turned out, not on their own: after all, he didn't know the baby stars Playboy Anna Nicole Smith is and his daughter. Perhaps in the last century photographer would not be able to prove his paternity. But times have changed, and now the photographer has not only proven through a DNA test that Danilin his daughter, but also received considerable rights to the estate of the deceased model.Photographer Danny Moses lived for 15 years in marriage with actress Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbes in the TV series "sex and the city". However, in 2003, the couple separated, although by that time they had two children. In the future, Nixon made a choice in favor of same-sex love, but in her assurances, Moses remained in her warm relationship.The king of hip-hop Sean Combs, known as Diddy, 10 years has experienced UPS and downs in the relationship with his girlfriend Kim porter, until I finally parted ways in 2007. During this time, porter gave the rapper son, Christian and Di twins Lila and Jesse, born in 2006. In addition, the combs, which is now having an affair with a cover girl Sienna Miller, a son Justin from Miz Hylton-brim. Source: Famous dads who threw their children (photo).

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