Fans `whacked` Kirkorov on the head with a guitar

Fans `whacked` Kirkorov on the head with a guitarDifficult, I must say, the life of Philip Kirkorov: constantly for something to criticize. First, the story with the pink blouse, then gossip about the alleged failure of the musical "Chicago", slowly passed into the discussion of divorce with Diva.Intriguing and all the separation Kirkorov-producer Dima the Sorcerer, enchanting acted on "the Eurovision". Recently and did sue for the singer told the details of life with A. B. (the court he, however, on the day won, congratulations).The artist himself for gossip already accustomed to and not pay attention to them. And once he is in the midst of preparing for a solo anniversary concerts and the recording of the new album. All this we talked with Kirkorov what is called tete-a-tete. The house of the singer, on Taganka.To find an apartment of Philip was not too difficult: the entrance is always decorated with balloons and flowers from fans, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.We met the legendary housekeeper Lucy and well, very friendly Jack Russell Terrier named Pokemon, so the dog "called" grandson Pugacheva Nikita. While Kirkorov was busy with the stylist, Pokemon ran around the apartment, munching on a rubber ball and occasionally jumping on our knees. "Well he's bored, or whether the case before him Nikita was busy, and now clears away", " pleaded Lucy.Meanwhile Philip was released, and the conversation we decided to combine lunch. A modest menu of the singer and was prompted our first question:- Look, you have the right food. You have to calculate calories?Yeah, I try... in a few weeks, I have a concert in Moscow, it is necessary to get in shape. I haven't played in the capital since 2001. I'm not 18 years old, and look very good with great difficulty.- The gym is not getting out?- The only place where I go, there is a fitness complex. But I go with friends for company. They do, and I sit at the bar and drink delicious juices. The founder of this complex is my cousin Irina Kragh. When I met my parents in Sochi, she was a little girl. We are the only ones from our big family maintain family relations.- You can tell the family replace the fans?- Everything happens. Those same fans are like love and hate. Jealous when they pay little attention. And begins the transition from the stage of adoration to the stage of dislike. They still scare me: "Go to Grange!" Lord! At first I didn't even know who it is. Then I remembered that it's our renowned accordionist. Well, I think: okay, go ahead, flag in hand - dryer on the neck!- The fans love manifests itself only in words or are they still somehow show his special relationship to the star?- Oh, it depends. Once given a guitar on the head. This was back in 88-m to year. We then worked in the theatre Pugacheva. Were walking with Vladimir Presnyakov, and suddenly swooped a crazy person, gives on the head with the guitar - and it turns out Spanish collar. The wolf behind her. And they'll still run! Can't catch me...- How are you doing with your daily routine? Like most artists, go to bed after midnight, get up closer to noon?- Generally, the closer to my concerts, the more I meet with designers. Usually in the mornings, however, delayed the process and sometimes until midnight. Got some sleep, and to sleep off once. To rest, I will in January, when it's all over and you can go abroad and humanly to relax.- Desire to throw all this show business and go "to rest" never had any?- Alla always told me: "give, and it will drop!" When fatigue accumulates, it all ends nervous breakdowns. Example - the same press conference in Rostov-on-don. The main thing is to know when to stop. The genius in this respect, Alla Borisovna. She is so right dispenses itself everywhere: in the air and in live performances. There is no sense that she overfed, although for many years the star number one, in fact, the only. But on the other hand, it is not always enough. This is probably the only thing I have not yet learned it.- And what she taught you?She never specifically taught, not advise - it is not the teacher. I just had the opportunity to watch her all these years. And these observations are expensive. Her way of talking, her philosophical perception of certain moments of life, the way she sees, for example, the betrayal, how she responds to rudeness, as she knows how to thank. I caught a time when she already knew all about life, but she has not bothered to take the fate of surprises - pleasant or unpleasant. It was for me a life lesson.- Kirkorov capable of insane acts?..- Yes, like the rest reckless. Sea, parachutes, extreme sports - rafting, diving. I love roller coasters. That is all that I have received in 16 years.

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