Lazy the past Baskov

Lazy the past BaskovOnce a person becomes famous, is immediately many people willing to talk about his "rosvestkom" past. Nikolay Baskov is no exception.It is the first love of the artist and gives a Frank interview in the press, but about the star told his former teachers and classmates.Nikolay Baskov was born in a military family, and his family often moved from one city to another. In first class nick went to Germany, then studied a year in the suburbs and, finally, four years stayed in school N 186 in Novosibirsk, writes the magazine "Ukraine".At that time nobody knew what a strong boy from where the key energy bill, would become famous. Even the name of Nicholas sounded then another Basque, with the accent on the second syllable.To show artistic talents, the future singer was still in high school. The boy attended the drama club, and he always got the only positive role: in "the Tale of Tsar Saltan", he played Saltan, the Tale of the dead Princess and the seven knights" - Prince Elisha."He immediately responded to any task," says a former classroom teacher Baskov Lyudmila Yakovleva, and everyone had an opinion. Kolya opened to everything new in his soul had so much love to the world! All the while humming something. He knew by heart the entire repertoire Pugacheva, and the song "Million scarlet roses" adored and sang for everyone who was willing to listen to him"."Sometimes in the school corridor arranged "show": Nicholas sang, and the boys blew the hat, collecting the audience with the money, " says biology teacher Lydia Sergeevna stativa. Mom took him to classes children's choir and Opera, and he sang in Italian.Then Nicholas moved with his parents to Moscow and from 7 th to 11-th class studied at the Moscow school No. 1113, near the metro station "Tverskaya"."Kolya had long hair, and even from the back looked like a girl," recalls teacher of Russian language and literature, Olga A. Koroleva. - By these remarks he said, "Olga Andreevna, at your age it is time to learn how to distinguish boys from girls!".

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