Children of famous Russians are not afraid of publicity

Children of famous Russians are not afraid of publicity Increasingly, Russian young talents in film, pop scene, and in business find their star status "in origin.The Russians periodically detect in its national heritage of not only new singers, actors and Directors with loud names, but also political and public figures "who" their power "by inheritance". That's just from the traditional clan restraint and isolation of a new generation of far.TV presenter, acrobat, socialite and heroine anecdotes gorgeous Xenia increasingly concerned about his friends an addiction to alcohol. Working on the get-togethers, like a Mare at the seed, omnipresent rich blonde literally becomes an inveterate drunkard in his eyes. Xenia at parties and presentations periodically nabiraetsa out.And in a recent issue of the reality show going on MuzTV, 25-year-old celebrity and all appeared stoned. "Epitou outta my mind" the girl literally made from the casino, where she conducted the party. To get rid of harmful defect Xenia yet. And domestic stars seriously thinking about how to send it... in a special clinic.According to Malediwy in the habit to take a SIP, drink no nothing bad. By the way, this is the footbal player " once again proves his title of the "Russian Paris Hilton". Stubborn girl utterly repeats almost all the "steps" American diva. Tends to partying, applied to alcohol and even puts the video recording of "pseudosasa". You only have to sit in jail for drunk driving.And the speakers of other famous names already not trying to hide behind pseudonyms to hide their famous relationship, but strongly emphasize the remarkable continuity that exists in their families. Liza Boyarskaya was shocked by his own father, quite innocently when he was uncovered at the premiere of Director Lev Dodin's "Life and fate".The plot of the play the heroine Lisa takes a shower in front of a dozen men prisoners, and followed by a sex scene. Boyar-father, who was present in the courtroom said, "didn't expect that at the premiere will see this. Frankly, it was embarrassing.".

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