`Fabricante` tired of the attention to her husbands

`Fabricante` tired of the attention to her husbandsThe graduate of "factory of stars-5" Zara at the time did not descend from pages of Newspapers in connection with his marriage, and then divorce. Because the spouse of the singer was the son of the Governor of St. Petersburg Sergey Matvienko, what drew the pair's attention.The experience was Zara's very painful. Now she tries to talk less about the feelings of the people. Although many people already know: the girl has a boyfriend. Darling Zara name is Sergey Ivanov, he heads the Department of health of Moscow, writes "KP-Sankt-Peterburg"."We joke: finally Zara found herself the man of her dreams"! - they say in the crew of the film "Caravan" in which the singer plays a key role. Because after breaking up with her husband, son of the Petersburg Governor Sergey Matvienko, she is in no hurry to marry.Herself Zara only complains that her personal life is always in the spotlight."For some reason all the much more interesting my personal life than work," complained the girl. Question about Sergei already tortured me! I don't give interviews on this topic. I think that one of the reasons for the collapse of a marriage with Matvienko is what he became known to the public. So I want this time my personal life has remained a mystery"."Fabricante" sure: her marriage to Sergei could be different if she knew about the implications of "publicness" of their lives. "I was young, inexperienced and allowed public opinion to destroy my marriage," says Zara. - Now everything will be different". Source: "Fabricante" tired of the attention to her husbands.

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