Heather mills McCartney threatens blackmail

Heather mills McCartney threatens blackmailIn the ongoing loud divorce between sir Paul McCartney and Heather mills, the former wife argued against "the beatle" serious new charges.39-year-old Heather mills accused the 65-year-old McCartney in the collapse of their marriage and that he helped her when she wanted to commit suicide, reports The Sun.Heather spoke about the quarrels with her ex-husband due to the fact that he didn't want to donate money to charity, and has threatened to tell all if he publicly admits his guilt and will not protect her from criticism.In addition, Heather named her daughter Stella McCartney "evil", saying that she was constantly trying to destroy their marriage. According to mills, she recorded all conversations with McCartney for a divorce and can use these records to clear his name and defend year-old daughter Beatrice.On the show Today on the American channel NBC mills said: "He knows I was ready to commit suicide, but nothing was done. This divorce could be like Eddie Murphy, decent and quick, if I was protected.".

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