Mistress Sarkozy posed Nude

Mistress Sarkozy posed Nude French President Nicolas Sarkozy, recently broke up with his wife, appeared in public with a famous supermodel Carla Bruni. Last weekend, the couple visited Disneyland Paris.Visitors of the amusement Park had the pleasure of photographing the President and his new girl, who recently started a singing career.The office of the President refused to comment on the nature of his relationship with Bruni, but this did not prevent the newspaper Le Figaro to put a photo spread dedicated to Bruni, under the heading "Carla Bruni: the mistress of the President." Recall that Nicolas Sarkozy became the first President of modern France who lost his wife during his reign.As for new passion Sarkozy, we can say that Carla Bruni, it seems, will soon become a more popular singer than a professional model.Italian, living in Paris, now is preparing for his first big tour in Tokyo after the release of her solo Francophone album Quelqu'un m'a dit, which has sold over a million copies in France alone, about the voice Bruni enthusiastically spoke all the music critics.Itself Karl refuses to believe his resounding success and hesitate to talk about your passion for singing: "I wish to be as talented as Bjork or Prince, but I - it's just me. When you are not professional, your best weapon is the sincerity and honesty".Your year of birth Karla conceals. Only once, in one conversation with a friend in the modeling business if he had let it slip that came to light in 1968, but still shied away from answering a direct question from journalists.Nosy paparazzi right after we found the former model, with the President of France, hastened to dig deeper into the past Bruni. But at the same time in her photo archives. Of course, in the light of God came old photoshoot of Carla, where beauty was captured negligee.However, in these pictures Carla was nothing to be ashamed of. Italian was just gorgeous. And Almudena!Particularly nosy journalists from the number of hunters to sensational gossip spread a rumor about the relationship between Carla Bruni and Mick Gaggero. The rumor took root in the family of a veteran musician, and his marriage to Jerry Hall, former model and actress, was under threat. During the world tour "time rolling" Mick Jagger seen everywhere accompanied by his wife.However, the rumor dispelled itself Carla Bruni, poslavskaya the "wordsmiths": "Yes I just have nothing to do near this hairy mammoth of prehistoric era, which place is that in an antique shop." Source: Mistress Sarkozy posed Nude (photos).

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