Israel will not be allowed to `Eurovision` stars-Dodgers

Israel will not be allowed to `Eurovision` stars-DodgersThe Israeli authority for television and radio broadcasting has decided to abandon the open election of the members of the musical contest "Eurovision", in order not to leave the deviators from military service with no chance to qualify for the prestigious European song contest."I will not allow those who runs from military service, to represent Israel. For me it is like to applaud whoever evades payment of taxes", - quotes the newspaper "Yediot Ahronot" the head of the office of Mordechai Ben Shklyar.According to recent press, from conscription in Israel evades up to a quarter of young people. In razlagalsa the impact on potential recruits, the military has repeatedly accused the "stars" of show business, including many of those who are not eager to spend three years in the service and is not shy about talking openly."Evasion is a call to anarchy, which makes it clear that the electoral law has the force, that is, "if you wish to perform, want not," said Shklyar. Source: Israel will not be allowed to Eurovision stars-Dodgers.

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