Pregnancy sister Britney Spears declared illegal

Pregnancy sister Britney Spears declared illegalAfter the sensational news of pregnancy younger sister of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn, many now wonder if Jamie Lynn is only 16 years old, and her boyfriend Casey Aldridge is 19, not is there a speech about violence?In the material on FOX News tries to sort out the problem, based on the American legislation.It turns out that if Casey is indeed the father, and the conception of a child occurred in Louisiana, where actually live Jamie Lynn, then it can be classified under state law as a crime. If Casey was tried, he could face a maximum 10 years in prison.According to the "Revised statutes of Louisiana" number 14-80 units and 14-42, by law a man can have sexual intercourse since the age of 17. If someone from participants younger than that age, then the other party shall not be more than two years older. Then intercourse is not a crime.But even if the couple has "made it" in California, where Jamie starred in the TV series Zoey 101, the problems a young person can still be.Under California law, "a person who enters into an illegal sexual intercourse with a minor (under 18 years) that is not more than three years younger than him, is guilty and punishable by years in prison," said Prosecutor Jim hammer.But if people over more than three years, he faces three years in prison.However, the investigation was launched, you need a police report from the parents of minors Spears, and this is not a speech. Source: Pregnancy sister Britney Spears declared illegal.

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