The former husband of Mikhalkova upset her wedding

The former husband of Mikhalkova upset her weddingThe eldest daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov Anna recently didn't get along with her husband, businessman albert Bokovym. A year and a half ago there were rumors about the divorce, and this summer started talking about a new wedding of Anna Mikhalkova.Chose the actress and TV presenter was announced as the film's Director Shane Alexander. With it this summer Mikhalkov arrived at "Kinotavr". Said, as Anna took the man and going to marry him.About the novel the couple told the people around the actress. According to them, the romance of Alexander and Anna began suddenly, and their relationship lovers soft-pedaled - feared wrath bacova.However, the wedding of Shane and Mikhalkova suddenly upset, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Former husband of the actress albert Bakov has decided to do everything possible to return the location of Anna. And he did it. The woman's heart trembled, and she has reconciled with her ex-husband."Happiness is when my husband albert every day gives me beautiful flowers, - says Mikhalkov. - Now we had such a pleasant ritual. I am very happy.".

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