Larisa Dolina decided to have a child after ten years of marriage with Elijah Specinen. Actually, the thought came to mind Larisa Alexandrovna for a long time. However, to undertake concrete steps she always hesitated.This writes the "Life".Upon learning that his wife is going to go on survey to the doctor that Elias was encouraged.However, this news made him and worried, because the dreams of a child from the woman he loved Spitsin understood: despite excellent physical shape Larisa Alexandrovna, to give birth at her age is a very risky thing to do.However, again after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", the couple decided not to deviate from the plan."With Larissa we really took the first steps in this direction, - said Ilya Spitsin. - We now await the results of the survey, after which we will decide what to do next. While I can only say one thing - the desire to have a child we have a very big".According to close friends of Larisa Alexandrovna, who conducted the initial examination the doctor was very surprised by the results of the diagnosis. As it turned out, the body of 52-year-old singer is in fine shape, and therefore, Larisa will be able to become a mother without any problems.Recall that the Valley already has a 24-year-old daughter angelina from his first marriage. Читать полностью -->

Litvinova stung by the death of a friend from HIV

Litvinova stung by the death of a friend from HIVActress and screenwriter Renata Litvinova experienced the loss of a loved one. In mid-November, I left the life of her friend and stylist Leo Novikov."We met with the Left while working on the painting "Vocal Parallels" Rustam Khamdamov, and then, no one knew that he was seriously ill... and he had no idea. Somehow it's considered unseemly to talk about it. But HIV is actually very much. Physicians, intensive care specialists, people who received a blood transfusion... Читать полностью -->

Tishko `jumped` with powder

Tishko `jumped` with powderThe famous TV presenter of channel TNT Vladimir Tishko, there will be no more advertising washing powder. Promotional character that was created by Vladimir on the screen, knows every family at least once in their life they turn on the TV.For many years he was breaking into our apartment. But now this came to an end!!!!!!Here's how commented Vladimir: "the fact that I have the contract ended and I decided not to renew it anymore. Five years was too long. "I'm tired, I'm leaving.". . Читать полностью -->

Shining suits Valery Leontiev

Shining suits Valery LeontievThe new year each time turns into a never-ending feast: the stars put on their best clothes and try to appear before the viewers in all its glory.But Valery Leontiev this year succeeded more than others, and managed to stand out even against the background of colorful festive costumes of other colleagues. According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", V. L. the set of "Old songs about the main thing" was about dressed like shining the bat. As it turned out, amazing costume with wings, decorated with bright flashing lights, Leontiev invented specially for the song "Margarita".And for the "New songs about the main thing" the singer had prepared another spectacular costume. Their new hit "Kriminal-tango" Leontiev sang in a black coat, shaded scarlet scarf. Читать полностью -->

Vera Brezhneva began to rapidly lose weight

Vera Brezhneva began to rapidly lose weightIf, having gone from "VIA gra" on TV, the beautiful blonde thought that she will start her quiet life, she made a big mistake.Shooting in the project "Magic 10" so devastating fragile girl that she began to lose weight rapidly. This was told to "Z" personal stylist Vera Brezhneva, Olga navrotskaya.- The last time she came to me emaciated at three pounds, - says Olga. - It just seems that Faith has now quiet life. Actually she works hard and is very tired. Source: Vera Brezhneva began to rapidly lose weight. . Читать полностью -->

Football club `Arsenal` starred in Playboy

Football club `Arsenal` starred in Playboy The Kiev football club "Arsenal" together with Playboy magazine introduced the erotic sports calendar for the year 2008, is dedicated to the dreams and dreams of the players.According to the concept of calendar, every month has become a dream come true for one of the players of the club. They tried on the images of magicians and Digi, dancers and parachutists, grandmasters and bikers, artists, models and golfers. No reincarnation, in the tradition of Playboy, not without Nude models, which complements the images created by players.In erotic photo session was attended by former Spartak's defender Dmitry Parfyonov. He got a plot in which he, along with the beauties frolicking in the tub. Parfenov hardly fear recriminations from my better half, because his wife Natasha herself had previously appeared in a candid session of FHM magazine in the company of other wives Spartak - Lyudmyla Kovtun and Veronica Titova.Above the calendar worked photographer Alexander Morderer and stylist Tatiana Rubleva. In addition, active participation in the participation of the President of the Kyiv Arsenal Vadim Rabinovich: he not only supported the idea of a calendar, showing the openness and scale of thinking", but also offered to take pictures for one of the pages your pet - Bernese mountain dog Adar.Today Arsenal occupies the tenth place in the standings of the championship of Ukraine and Rabinovich, apparently, decided to diversify the training process and a little to cheer up the players.Earlier, the players of "Arsenal" has already stirred the football community, having appeared on the pages of the October issue of Playboy magazine in the arms of naked Babes Agency Karin Models. Читать полностью -->

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